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Welcome to Living Botanicals

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I have always enjoyed connecting with people and
helping them find the right signposts for their own


The Bach Flower system fits perfectly with this philosophy. It’s not about a ‘guru’ or even a practitioner telling you what to do but rather identifying together the key emotion underlying your issue - and encouraging you to be part of your own healing. This can be empowering on many levels.


My consultation room is located at my home in peaceful Greytown, Wairarapa. I am currently the only registered Bach Flower Remedies practitioner between Wellington and Auckland.




Why I love Bach Flowers


I discovered Bach Flowers after many years of struggling with a major illness. For years, my health decisions were in somebody else’s hands and this left me feeling powerless. I finally turned to Bach Flower Remedies and was amazed at the results.


To me this is Bach Flower Remedies’ greatest gift
it gave me back the power to contribute to my own healing.


My inner being knew what I needed to make me well – I just needed someone to help with the signposts.


Other benefits of Bach Flower Remedies:


• Safe & gentle  - with no side effects

The remedies are so safe they can be used on pregnant women and babies, and so versatile that even animals benefit from them. If the remedy selected is not the right one for you, there will be no side effects. It will simply be absorbed by the body, and there will be no progress on the emotion being worked on. I will work with you to find another more suitable remedy.


• Compatible with other treatments

Bach Flower Remedies are compatible with other therapies, be that allopathic or complimentary medicine. This can  be much more helpful in a health crisis than a ‘them or us’ attitude.


• Simplicity – for both client and practitioner

A personal remedy can be prepared at your appointment and is easily carried in a small dropper bottle that fits in your pocket or purse. Drops are conveniently taken by mouth throughout the day.


• Versatile

I have seen that Bach can be used at both the top and bottom of the cliff in people’s lives. Rescue Remedy is marvelous in emergency situations. Other remedies, such as Cherry Plum are wonderful help in acute situations and work equally well in chronic situations such as long term depression.


• Timeless

We seem to have to fit so much more into our lives in today’s world but the challenges and core emotions  we face are much the same as they were in the era of Dr Bach. The sooner we can be aware that something needs to be balanced emotionally, the sooner the healing process can begin and this is where Bach Flower Remedies can help.

Raewyn Wilson, BFRP

Registered Bach Flower Practitioner

Raewyn Wilson

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