SCLERANTHUS: I can’t decide.

Are you struggling with indecision to the extent that making everyday choices becomes a chore?

Scleranthus is useful when we are torn, usually between two choices. This state can be characterised by mood swings. Scleranthus can be useful during menopause, puberty and even sea sickness.

Remedy: Encourages a balanced outlook and clarity of thought for decision making.


STAR OF BETHLEHEM: It rocked my world.

Have you had a recent shock or one that happened in the past which has affected your life ever since?

Star of Bethlehem is useful after a shock of some kind. It is hugely beneficial to take immediately after a shocking event but also helps a person recover from an event that may have happened a long time ago.

Remedy: Helps to soothe after a shock and promotes a calm and balanced state of mind.


SWEET CHESTNUT: I can’t go on with life.

Are you at the end of your rope and looking into the abyss? Are you in absolute mental anguish and cannot see a way forward or out of your situation?

Sweet Chestnut is useful in extreme situations when it feels as though the limits of endurance have been reached and all hope is gone.

Remedy: Restores hope and faith that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


VERVAIN: It’s my way or the highway.

Are you so convinced your view is right that you are driven to convert others to your way of thinking - risking relationships in the process?

Vervain is useful when a person is over-enthusiastic to the point of fanaticism. Vervain personalities have bags of confidence but may be unable to listen to other viewpoints and steamroller others into submission. Taken too far, their vigour can become alienating.

Remedy: Vervain helps a person to be calmer, centred and more relaxed about their cause while still maintaining enthusiasm.


VINE: Do it my way.

Are you feeling the need to dominate and control others?

Vine is useful when we feel driven to dominate others to the point of imposing our own will on them. A Vine personality is often a great leader but, in the negative state, has a tendency to bully.

Remedy: Encourages a person to guide rather than control others.


WALNUT: I’m being blown about in the wind.

Do you feel subject to other people’s shifting opinions in a time of change? Are they throwing you off course and having an undue influence?

Walnut helps to protect when a person is going through life changes such as changing jobs or moving to a new home. It can also help someone who is under undue influence from another person and the link needs to be broken.  Useful at life’s key transition points - from birth to teething to going to school, puberty, relationships and beyond. Also very useful for those working in a caring profession such as nursing.

Remedy: Walnut helps us stay on track as we move forward on life’s path, without being blown off course by another personality or situation.

I’m a closed book.

Do you find it hard to open up
to others, especially when you have a problem?

Water Violet personalities tend to be self-contained and enjoy their own company. They tend to withdraw into themselves when are troubled, keeping their worries to themselves and so making them  seem out of reach to others.

Remedy: Helps a person reach out when necessary and help both themselves and others.


WHITE CHESTNUT: My mind keeps racing on the same old track.

Do you have a stream of unhelpful thoughts running on an endless loop through your mind?

White Chestnut is useful for over active minds that are stuck in a negative groove, serving no useful purpose other than to drag us down.

Remedy: Helps to calm the mind so we can think clearly and release nagging, negative thoughts.


WILD OAT: I’m at a crossroads.

Are you facing major life decisions and have no idea which way to turn?

Wild Oat is useful when have come to an important junction along life’s pathway and have to make some big decisions.

A useful remedy when seeking a career path.

Remedy: Helps a person to become clear and decisive about their direction in life.


WILD ROSE: Why fight it?

Are you resigned to what life throws at you, believing that resistance is futile?

Wild Rose is useful when we are apathetic about something and cannot summon the will to improve the situation, for example during illness when the prognosis is not good.

Remedy: Boosts enthusiasm and the strength to carry on.


WILLOW: Poor me.

Are you feeling sorry for yourself and put upon, to the point of  resentment?

Willow is helpful when someone in victim mode and feeling sorry for themselves. It also helps tackle resentfulness and bitterness.

Remedy: Helps encourage forgiveness for past wrongs and reinforces the understanding that our destiny is in our own hands.


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