HEATHER: It’s all about me.

Are you so wrapped up in your own concerns that you can’t engage with anything or anyone else? Do you feel the need to constantly talk about your own issues with others?

For those who fear being alone and need an audience for their usually one-way conversation. They may be compulsive talkers with only one topic on their mind- themselves.

Remedy: Helps encourage good listening skills and an interest in others.


HOLLY: I hate….

Do you harbour jealousy, hatred or anger towards another person?

For people who have spiteful feelings towards others. Holly is great for children who are jealous of their siblings.

Remedy: Helps to encourage a loving, happy, tolerant and trusting personality.


HONEYSUCKLE: I used to….

Do you keep raking over the past and dwelling on your memories, be they happy or painful? Do you feel like the best times are over and there is nothing to look forward to?

For people who feel strong attachment to the past and do not anticipate any happiness in the future.

Honeysuckle is especially helpful following redundancy or bereavement. It can also be beneficial for the dying, helping them to let go more easily.

Remedy: Helps with moving forward without regret, finding joy in the present, and feeling positive about the future.


HORNBEAM: I can’t get started.

Have you lost motivation and become stuck in a rut? Are you in a pattern of procrastination?

For when that ‘Monday morning feeling’ lasts all week! You may feel fine once you get going, but starting up is a battle. Hornbeam helps when lethargy is mental rather than physical in origin.

Remedy: Helps boost motivation and energy.


IMPATIENS: Why can’t you hurry up!?

Is your natural rhythm faster than most other people’s, leading you to feel irritated much of the time? Do you feel it’s better to work alone than put up with others’ frustratingly slow pace?

For those who are impatient and very easily irritated, feeling agitated and fidgety, and hating to waste time.

Remedy: Helps to promote a more patient, relaxed demeanor around others.


LARCH: I’m not good enough.

Do you feel you don’t measure up to others, leading you to expect failure before you even try?

Larch helps when you lack confidence and venturing out of the starting block seems too hard.

Larch may be useful before exams.

Remedy: Helps promote self confidence and the ability to take risks.


MIMULUS: I’m scared of….

Do you have a specific fear (E.g. of spiders, public speaking?) and/or is shyness holding you back?

For those who can name their fear and want to overcome it. Mimulus is also useful for those who are shy and timid.

Remedy: Helps promote courage to face fears in a calm and composed manner.


I’m living under a cloud.

Do you feel like there’s a cloud
hanging over you and you don’t know why?

This deep gloom can suddenly appear and then disappear just as quickly, giving the person a feeling of impending doom and depression.

Remedy: Helps promote feelings of joy, peace and optimism.


OAK: I can’t cope anymore but I’ll keep going anyway.

Are you putting yourself second and forging ahead despite feeling exhausted, because that’s always what you do?

Life’s troopers, Oak people are strong and reliable, persisting out of a strong sense of loyalty and duty even when they are exhausted. The danger is that they often ignore their own needs and their body’s warning signs, leaving them depressed and frustrated.

Remedy: Helps to restore energy and recognise the need to take time out to nurture themselves.


OLIVE: I’m burnt out.

Are you burnt out physically and/or mentally? Are you trying to regain health after a long illness?

Olive is a great boost after a period of exertion –a long illness or intense study, for example.

Useful when your enjoyment of life has been sapped by fatigue.

Remedy: Helps restore strength, energy and vitality.


PINE: I’m so sorry.

Are you consumed with guilt, even when you’re not to blame? Are you finding yourself apologising all the time?

Pine is useful for people who torment themselves over things that have gone wrong, even when it is no fault of theirs. They may find themselves apologising frequently, even when it is not called for.

Remedy: Helps boost self-worth and free up the tendency to dwell on past mistakes.


RED CHESTNUT: I can’t stop worrying about him / her.

Is worrying about your loved one overshadowing your life? Red chestnut is useful for people whose worries about family and loved ones are taking over. They take on other people’s problems and fear the worst may happen.

Remedy: Helps develop courage and the ability to care for others without the constant feeling of worry.


ROCK ROSE: I’m terrified.

Has a terrible event or scene you’ve just witnessed left you shocked and full of terror?

Rock Rose is for absolute, incapacitating terror following a specific event –for example, a major car accident.

Remedy: Encourages a calm mind in a crisis and immediately following.


ROCK WATER: I must do it this way.

Are you holding yourself to a set of rigid rules and standards that are squeezing the joy and life out of you?

In the Rock Water state we tend to be inflexible, over conscientious and rarely pleased with ourselves. We may also set ourselves up as a beacon of right for others.

Remedy: Encourages flexibility in thinking and action.


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