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There are 38 remedies in the Bach remedy system, each associated with a basic human emotion - suggested by the purple statement after each name. Taking the remedy helps us face our fears and overcome them.


AGRIMONY: I’m fine - really.

Are hiding your upset or unhappiness? Do you go to great lengths to avoid conflict and confrontations?

Useful for those who hide their fears and anxieties behind a happy facade, or mask their pain with drugs and/or alcohol. They may joke about their pain or discomfort, and experience restlessness and churning thoughts at night.

Remedy: Cheering while also enabling people to be open about their real feelings.


ASPEN: I feel anxious for no good reason
 Do you have vague, unspecific fears or an underlying sense of foreboding?

For vague worries, fears or a sense of foreboding that can’t be linked to anything definite, Aspen is also good for children experiencing nightmares or night terrors.

Remedy: Promotes inner peace and security. Builds confidence to face new experiences.


BEECH: Why can’t they just do it my way!
Are you feeling annoyed at someone else’s way of doing things? Do you feel that your way is the only right way and insist that others follow suit?

We can all be rigid, intolerant and critical of others sometimes. In the Beech state it feels as if you always know best and everyone else is on the wrong track.

Remedy: Helps encourage tolerance and compassion for others.


CENTUARY: Yes, of course I will (sigh!).

Do you find yourself agreeing to other people’s requests - then feeling resentful because you have committed to something you don’t really want to do? Are you so anxious to please that you find it difficult to set boundaries?

In the Centuary state people find it hard to say no and may even allow themselves to be bullied. They may be tired and worn out from constantly going the extra mile for others.

Remedy: Enhances the ability to confidently express one’s own opinions and set sensible boundaries.


CERATO: What do you think I should do?

Do you question your own inner judgment and wisdom? Does it feel more natural to follow others’ advice and opinions, even in matters of your own health?

In the Cerato state people don’t trust their own judgment and constantly ask others for their advice on what to do, including when they are sick.

Remedy: Promotes listening to and trusting one’s own inner voice.


CHERRY PLUM: I’m going to blow my top!

Are you constantly on the edge of losing your cool? Do you fear you could explode at any moment?

For those who fear they are about to lose their self control and possibly even their sanity. They may also – but not necessarily - feel suicidal.

Remedy: Helps to encourage a calm and rational state of mind.



Oh no, I’ve done it again.

Do you keep repeating your past
mistakes? Do you find yourself on the same old path, having failed to learn the lessons from previous experiences? In the Chestnut Bud state, people often overlook the fact they have made a mistake, making it difficult to avoid falling into the same situation.

Remedy: Develops clarity to recognise a mistake and understand how to avoid it in the future.


CHICORY: How can I get what I want?

Are you feeling overly possessive, with all your giving directed to getting something back in return? Are you trying to manipulate someone for your own benefit?

In the Chicory state, caring for someone else can easily become self-serving and manipulative. There is a craving for attention and the person often uses guilt to control others. Also useful for overly demanding children.

Remedy: Helps to promote selfless giving and a genuine concern for others.


CLEMATIS: I’m just going off to my happy place.

Are you absent minded and feeling disconnected from the here and now? Does your dreamy state and vague imaginings of the future feel preferable to the real world?

Fantasy feels more reassuring than reality for people in this state and they may want to withdraw from social contact. They can be plagued by poor memory and may be accident prone, making no effort to get well when they are sick. Clematis is also helpful after bereavement when the person yearns to be with the deceased person.

Remedy: Helps to promote the concentration and focus necessary for living fully in the present.


CRAB APPLE: Out damned spot!

Do you feel you are unclean in some way? Do you feel unhappy with how you look or feel compelled to maintain strict standards of hygiene?

For those fixated on cleanliness in their environment or experiencing recurring, obsessive thoughts. People in this state tend to be perfectionists and they may feel extremely ashamed and embarrassed by a skin condition or discharge.

Remedy: Promotes acceptance and a more balanced view of ourselves and our imperfections. Boosts positive self-image.


ELM: But nobody could cope with all this!

Do you suddenly feel overwhelmed and unable to cope? Have you gone from managing well to feeling weighed down with too much responsibility?

For people who have suddenly lost confidence in their abilities, often due to overwork.

Remedy: Helps to promote a calmer, more realistic perspective on problems.


GENTIAN: It’s hard to bounce back.

Have you had a set back or disappointment that has made you feel despondent - not ready to give up completely, but despondent nonetheless?

For people who feel disheartened following a specific situation or event.

Remedy: Boosts determination.


GORSE: Why bother anymore?

Do you feel hopeless, as if all the stuffing has been knocked out of you? Do you feel like there’s no more fight left in you?

Gorse can help people who have given up trying because they feel hopeless. If they are ill, they may go through the motions of seeking treatment but feel that nothing can help them to get well.

Remedy: Develops hopefulness and a sense of optimism that things will get better.



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